Training toward Environmentally Responsible Resource Extraction (TERRE) is a new initiative funded through NSERC's Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) Program. The TERRE CREATE program is designed to prepare exceptional science and engineering undergraduate and graduate students and post-doctoral researchers for impactful careers in the resource extraction sector. Through the adoption of a "Life of Mine" approach, this innovative training program will produce highly-qualified personnel capable of addressing critical long-term issues related to mine waste management and mine site reclamation which arise throughout the various stages of mine site development - prospecting, design, construction, operation, closure, and post-closure. To accomplish this goal, the TERRE CREATE Program offers a wide variety of courses to address critical environmental, ecological, social and economic considerations surrounding resource extraction. In addition, TERRE CREATE trainees will have opportunities to participate in industry- or government-partnered internships and collaborative research exchanges between industry, government, and universities external to their home institutions; such exchanges will provide trainees not only with enhanced research experience, but also with substantial networking opportunities.

From its inception in July 2014, the TERRE CREATE Program has strived to maintain a strong working relationship between affiliated university researchers and leading industry professionals. Our industry partners have been instrumental in helping to identify key areas of professional development and soft skill acquisition which would greatly benefit new scientists and engineers looking to enter industry positions in the resource extraction sector; these areas include safety and risk management, communication and leadership, and innovation, intellectual property, commercialization, and entrepreneurship. The TERRE CREATE Program offers many unique courses which cover these important disciplines, and provides stipend funding to undergraduate and graduate students and post-doctoral researchers to facilitate course and research exchange participation.