Analytical Imaging

Participants will benefit from lectures on principles of Scanning Electron Microscopy, Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy, Electron-Probe Microanalysis and Radiation Imaging including X-Ray Computed Tomography. The course will provide instruction on various sample preparation techniques required to obtain high-quality data. Lectures will be supplemented by hands-on learning during which participants will operate the instruments to conduct analyses, in some cases on their own samples. Analyses will proceed under the guidance of experienced technical staff who will be available to answer questions and encourage maximum benefit from the sessions. Participants should consider how analytical imaging can aid them in meeting their research goals and prepare samples well in advance of the workshop so that they can achieve results that are relevant to their research. Decisions related to choice of analytical imaging method, sample selection, and sample preparation require some background knowledge so the participants are encouraged to speak with their academic advisors and other colleagues who have some experience with these techniques, and to refer to the supplementary information (available upon request).