Applications of Synchrotron Sciences

This workshop will provide graduate students and post-doctoral fellows with training on the theory and application of synchrotron methods. Previous synchrotron experience is not required. Participants will receive training on method selection, proposal development, sample preparation, experimental setup, and data collection, analysis and interpretation. Formal lectures will be integrated with applied training. Trainees will be allocated beamtime during the workshop to collect data related to their individual research projects. This approach will provide the opportunity to analyze and interpret their own data.

Prior to the workshop, participants will be required to attend two preparatory phone meetings and/or webinars, and to register as CLS users and complete required training modules. Each student will prepare and submit a beamtime special request proposal for the CMCF-BM beamline (due 1 April 2015). Participants should consider how this analytical tool can aid them in meeting their research goals and prepare samples well in advance of the workshop so that they can achieve results that are relevant to their research. Decisions related to choice of analytical method, sample selection and sample preparation require some background knowledge so the participants are encouraged to speak with academic advisors and other colleagues who have some experience with these techniques.

Please visit the following link for more information on the CMCF-BM beamline