Field Data Acquisition, Analysis and Modelling

The short course will cover conventional and emerging methods in hydrologic and geochemical monitoring instrumentation, sampling, data assembly and analysis. The focus will be on groundwater, the vadose zone, subsurface sampling and some topics related to surface water systems. The course will draw, extensively, from the existing graduate course in Field Methods in Hydrogeology that is currently run on an annual basis at the University of Waterloo in the early spring term. Additional components will include surface water instrumentation and sampling. The emphasis of this course will be on mining and resource development applications.

Specific topics of discussion will include: 1) Drilling, sediment sampling and monitoring well installation; 2) Groundwater sampling; 3) Hydraulic parameter estimation; 4) Vadose zone monitoring and sampling; 5) Surface water instrumentation and water sampling; 6) Watershed scale monitoring; and 7) Data collection through wireless networks.