This program covers the requirements of the OSHA HAZWOPER standard, which sets out the minimum training requirements for site workers on hazardous waste sites, and environmental remediation and emergency projects in the United States. The comprehensive nature of this standard makes it applicable to Canadian workplaces that contain environmental contamination or hazardous materials. The HAZWOPER standard applies to employers and employees, and specifically includes any workers who are exposed to hazardous substances and who are engaged in operations including clean-up, treatment, storage, and disposal of hazardous wastes.

This course is delivered through classroom interactions, handouts, videos, quizzes, scenarios, field exercises, and hands-on, full chemical protective gear mock-spill exercises. Training topics include: legislation and standards; hazard recognition and communication; WHMIS; toxicology; confined spaces; personal protective equipment; hazardous materials spill control; decontamination; staging and disposal of contaminated materials; excavation and trenching; air quality monitoring; and health and safety plans and emergency response plans.

This course runs from 0800-1700 ET on each day. Participants are expected to be present for the entire duration of this course, and must provide their own CSA-certified footwear. This course includes a significant practical component that can be physically demanding. Additional details can be found at the Acute Environmental & Safety Services Inc. website (acuteservices.com).