Reactive Transport Modelling II

This short course will provide hands-on training on reactive transport modelling, with examples focused on environmental and water quality issues pertinent to the mining industry. Students will learn how to simulate a variety of geochemical processes using MIN3P and gain experience implementing conceptual models developed from real-world case studies. MIN3P is a versatile reactive transport code used extensively in a wide range of research applications. Students will learn the basic function of the code on simple examples and will progress to more complex examples utilizing advanced features of the code. Processes considered will include: attenuation of acid rock drainage (ARD) in an aquifer; generation and attenuation of ARD in tailings; vadose zone processes and gas transport; permeable reactive barrier treatment systems; isotope fractionation of contaminant species; and trace metal attenuation through surface complexation. Enrolment does not require completion of the Reactive Transport Modelling I short course, although participation in both courses is encouraged. Applicants should have an advanced understanding of contaminant hydrogeology and aqueous geochemistry.