Gordon Southam

Gordon Southam is a Professor and Vale-University of Queensland Chair in Geomicrobiology. He is an interdisciplinary researcher who crosses the traditional boundaries between biological and geological sciences to examine bacterial transformations of materials composing the Earth's crust, and the impact these transformations have had over geologic time. Field sites have ranged from Yellowstone National Park, to Axel Heiberg Island in the Canadian high Arctic, to the ultra-deep gold mines in the Republic of South Africa (up to 4 km below land surface), to the Amazon Basin. Following his appointment as a Canada Research Chair in Geomicrobiology and Director of Environment and Sustainability at Western University, Canada, Dr. Southam has recently moved to the University of Queensland, Australia, where he is leading projects on gold exploration, mineral carbonation, methanogenesis form coal, bioremediation of iron mine sites, and bioleaching.